To determine the members of Institutional Investor’s 2018 All-America Fixed-Income Investor Relations rankings, we surveyed buy-side analysts and money managers at financial institutions that cover the region, including those who cast votes in this year’s All-America Fixed-Income Research Team survey.

We asked these individuals to name the best companies for fixed-income investor relations in their coverage universes, across four investor relations attributes including: company management that is most forthcoming with the financial health and balance sheet, transparency with prospective negative financial events, transparency with key calculations related to contractual provisions such as debt covenants, and most highly regarded for prudent, value creating use of debt. All votes are weighted by place (first, second, third, fourth).

To be eligible for inclusion on the 2018 All-America Fixed-Income Investor Relations rankings, a company must be headquartered or have operational or executive headquarters in the region. We keep confidential the identities of the survey respondents and their firms to ensure their continuing cooperation. Voters must meet eligibility requirements, and winners must achieve a minimum vote count. All ballots are subject to review by our Research Operations Group, and final results may be inspected by an independent auditor. Survey results reflect the opinions from more than 870 investment professionals at over 340 financial services firms.