The following outlines the 2018 DCIO Provider survey:
  • 47 DCIO Providers were nominated to the ballot from 453 voters.
  • Institutional Plan Advisors (+$100m DC assets, multiple plans) selected the top 3 DCIO Providers they show in client presentations.
  • On each DCIO Provider, an Institutional Plan Advisor responded to 6 qualitative questions on the DCIO Provider using a scale of 1 through 5 with 5 being the best.
  • Each question had detailed guidance on the attributes that a voter should consider for the question.
  • The average voter response was calculated on each question and then summed up where scores were ranked from highest to lowest.
 Here are the 6 questions that were asked:  
  1. Please rate these three DCIO providers in terms of providing value for the dollar.
  2. Please rank the investments that your DCIO providers offer by considering the following attributes.
    1. Breadth of investment options offered
    2. Investment consistent with fund objectives
    3. Consistency of performance
    4. Transparency on manager turnover
    5. Share class options
    6. Fees
    7. Investment philosophy of Target Date Funds / allocation manager
    8. Explanation of changes in fund managers
  3. How is your relationship with the wholesalers at your DCIO providers? Please consider the following attributes in rating the wholesalers of your DCIO providers.
    1. Accessibility/availability/responsiveness
    2. 401(k) market knowledge/expertise
    3. Willingness to participate in sales presentations and events
    4. Client acquisition/ Business building
    5. Low turnover
    6. Investment Knowledge/Acumen
    7. Proactivity
    8. Responsiveness
    9. Tenure of wholesalers/ low turnover
  4. In considering the brand image of your DCIO providers, how would you rate them overall on the following attributes?
    1. Experience in the 401(k) market
    2. Well known - Easy to sell to clients
    3. A thought Leader in the investment industry
    4. Partners with you for your success
  5. What do you think about the sales and marketing support of your DCIO providers? When you rate them, please consider the following attributes in your decision.
    1. Providing practice management tools and value add
    2. Competitive insights and market intelligence
  6. What is your view on the internal wholesalers of your DCIO providers? Consider the following attributes as you rate them.
    1. Internal wholesalers’ ability to resolve problems
    2. Making it easy to do business with them
    3. Accessibility/availability/responsiveness
    4. 401(k) market knowledge/expertise
    5. Proactivity
    6. Responsiveness