Institutional Investor’s Euro 100 list identifies the top 100 largest asset managers with registered offices in Europe. Parent companies and their subsidiaries are reported separately to identify the distinct asset management platforms for the list. The total Assets Under Management (AUM) figures include only securities managed for a fee or fee equivalent (i.e. spread) for the benefit of a client. Assets include cash, equities, fixed income, derivatives, real estate, and alternative investments. AUM figures for companies headquartered in Europe include their global assets under management. For non-European companies, only European-derived assets (invested both domestically and internationally) were included.

All AUM figures are as of June 30, 2017, except for Aberdeen Asset Mgmt whose AUM figure if as of March 30, 2017 as their merger with Standard Life was completed August 14, 2017.

Institutional Investor’s Euro 100 list is powered by eVestment and supplemented by information provided by the asset managers to Institutional Investor.