How This Ranking Was Compiled

To select the members of Institutional Investor’s second annual ranking of Europe’s Best Analyst Days, we invited buy-side analysts, money managers and sell-side researchers who participated in the 2016 All-Europe Executive Team survey to name up to four companies that they feel host the most constructive analyst-investor events. We received responses from 1,128 investment professionals at 386 financial services firms. Roughly 68 percent of the people who cast votes in the executive team survey, representing 68 percent of the participating institutions, answered our question about most constructive analyst days. Respondents from the buy side work at firms that collectively manage some $3.8 trillion in European equities.

We weight votes by the place awarded (first through fourth). The names of those surveyed and the institutions they work for are kept confidential to ensure their continuing cooperation. Voters are required to meet eligibility requirements, and all ballots are subject to review by II’s Research Operations Group. Results are also subject to inspection by an independent auditor.

The 2016 Europe’s Best Analyst Days roster was compiled by Associate Research Editor Elgin Low with assistance from Researchers Leo Kushnir and Danielle Trent.