As the Russia-Ukraine war continues to hamper supply chains, Canada may be in a prime position to circumvent those disruptions.

Speaking from the G20 Summit last month, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau touted the country as a critical player in shifting supply chains, adding that the ongoing geopolitical conflicts make it imperative to find new channels of transport with a better focus on environmental issues.

Chief executives of Canada’s top companies agree — and say technology is key to shaping that change.

“Companies with the most successful supply chains are the ones challenging the old, slow, siloed, and sequential way of supply chain planning and instead embracing a new era of concurrency, where every function, every person, and every piece of data is continuously aligned in real-time,” said John Sicard of Kinaxis, a software company specializing in the industry. “That is how companies will gain the supply chain agility and resilience they need to not just survive but thrive in the face of whatever the future holds.”

Sicard is among the six chief executives who ranked No. 1 in their sector in Institutional Investor’s 2023 All-Canada Executive Team, based on a June survey of 210 money managers and 39 sell-side researchers. This year the participants nominated a total of 134 companies across several key sectors.

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