To select the members for Institutional Investor’s 2022 Japan’s Top Corporate Access Providers, we invited participants in the 2022 All-Japan Research Team and 2022 All-Japan Executive Team Surveys to provide feedback on the firms that provided the best corporate access based on specified attributes.

From the 2022 All-Japan Research Team survey, representing the buy-side point of view, we received responses from 157 investors at 113 firms. This group rated sell-side firms on a scale from 1 to 5 on the overall corporate access for these attributes: Conferences; Logistics; Field Trips; Team Quality; Roadshows; and Virtual Events. Each attribute score was based on the rating given to the firm.

From the 2022 All-Japan Executive Team survey, representing the corporate point of view, 41 corporates ranked their top sell-side firms on the same attributes listed above. Each attribute score was based on the rating given to the firm.

The Top 5 Corporate Access Leaders table is based on the corporate and buy-side response and calculated by adding together each sell-side firm’s overall attribute scores to produce a table of the top five.

The names of those surveyed are kept confidential to ensure their continuing cooperation. Voters are required to meet eligibility requirements, and all ballots are subject to review by II’s Research Operations Group. Results are also subject to inspection by an independent auditor.