To select the members of our third annual Global Fixed Income Team, Institutional Investor solicited the opinions of bond and credit specialists at leading asset management firms around the world. We received responses from 6,000 investment professionals at 1,600 institutions.

Macro sectors were polled by region for the US, Europe, Latin America, Japan, Asia ex-Japan, and Emerging EMEA. Credit sectors were polled for the US and Europe. Additionally, four global sectors were polled.

Participants first rated their top firms in regional sectors on a scale from 1-5, and then separately rated individual analysts or economists/strategists at those firms to create two distinct results for each sector. A numerical score was produced by weighting each vote based on the respondent’s fixed-income AUM for the region voted in and the ratings awarded.

Using those scores, ranks were then determined. Firms/analysts were designated runners‐up when their scores came within 35 percent of the third-place scores.

In the Investment-Grade and High-Yield categories only those analysts who publish independent research pursuant to Regulation AC or as defined by the UK’s Financial Conduct Authority are eligible to be recognized. No such restriction applies in Economics and Strategy sectors.

The individuals surveyed are kept confidential to ensure continuing cooperation. Voters must meet eligibility requirements, and winners must achieve a minimum vote count.