Equity sales teams may have adapted to remote work — but there’s still no beating in-person interactions for the top firms and their buy-side clients.

“The last year reinforced the deep value in face-to-face interaction,” said Nick Savone, global head of institutional equities sales at Morgan Stanley. “As 2021 progressed and many clients returned to their offices, we found that client interest to interact in person was very high. Oftentimes, especially in early days of 2021, we were told that we were the first bank investors saw in person during the pandemic.”

Savone expects a hybrid approach — with both in-person and virtual engagement across analyst marketing, corporate access, global advisory, and sector sales teams — to remain dominant, as it has opened up a great deal of flexibility for the firm and its clients. But ultimately, he said, “this is a people-driven business,” he said. 

And the people have spoken...

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