If the summer of 2020 had Asia’s top executives fretting over a second surge in coronavirus cases, in 2021 their thoughts are turning to the post-pandemic world on the horizon. 

XiaoHai Hou — the top scoring CEO in the consumer and staples category of Institutional Investor’s 2021 All-Asia Executive Team — is wondering how to grasp the challenges and opportunities posed by an explosion in demand for craft beer in China.

In the telecommunications sector, Xiaochu Wang from China Unicom is celebrating 11 consecutive years as the top-rated chief executive in II’s poll, meaning he has an unbroken run at the top spot since the rankings launched.

And C.C. Wei, CEO at Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. and the highest scoring chief executive in the technology and semiconductor category, is grappling with difficult decisions, as the pandemic caused a shortage of semiconductors used in cars and computers

“Keeping up with changing and increasing customer demand has been a challenge this year,” he said. “It might be an understatement to say that the peaks and troughs of semiconductor demand were more turbulent than we would normally expect.”

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