As Covid-19 ebbed and flowed across Asia for the past year and a half, the region’s top equity sales teams have had to adjust to their approach amid each different pandemic wave. 

“The pandemic created challenges in terms of client engagement initially but the sales teams have adapted well and technology played a key role in enabling remote access from home,” said Raymond Chan, head of Asia Pacific advisory sales for UBS. “We have gone through several phases from fully working from home to split team arrangements depending on the office locations and the state of the lockdowns. As clients adapted to remote technologies, our pipeline of events have become more creative, more digital, and more content-rich as barriers to entry have come down.” 

More than ever investors are demanding bespoke access to both corporates and experts, according to Chan, and UBS has invested heavily in technology to provide virtual conferences.

“The goal is to automate and optimize processes to allow salespeople to provide a truly customized offering and so build trusted relationships,” he added. “A top salesperson today must be enhanced by technology, so they can be at the top of their game every time they interact with clients.”

It appears clients have noticed...

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