Corporate fixed-income investors often find themselves overshadowed by their stock-trading counterparts — especially during a crisis.

The global outbreak of Covid-19 last year had equity investors pressing investor-relation teams for finance and strategy updates as they tried to determine how their shares might perform during the pandemic. But they weren’t the only investors worried by the economic shut down.

As corporate bond defaults surged in hard-hit sectors like oil and gas, retail, and restaurants, fixed-income investors were also looking to IR teams to explain how their companies would weather the crisis and pay off loans.

“Equity investors want to know how much the company is going to grow by,” explained Craig Marks, senior director of investor relations at AstraZeneca. “Debt investors want to know if you’re going to pay them back.”

For the second year, fixed-income investors ranked their favorite debt issuers in Institutional Investor’s 2020 ranking of Global Fixed-Income Investor Relations...

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