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Weekend Giant Reading: September 6 — 7, 2014

And...we’re back! Here’s a few of the stories I found in my inbox after my vacation.

And...we’re back! Here’s a few of the stories I found in my inbox after my vacation:

- Sanctions: The Russian Direct Investment Fund could be transferred from state ownership to the central bank to avoid sanctions.

- Opposite world: A public pension raises money FROM external managers for co-investment program? My work here is done...

- Collaboration: The Investment Corporation of Dubai signed a memorandum of understanding with Ex-Im Bank of Korea to explore opportunities in Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

- This is the end: Denmark’s ATP says, “We’re ready to incur short-term losses on our bet that central banks will soon reverse course on monetary easing.” Here. We. Go.

- The great diversification: Japan’s $1.3 trillion GPIF is reportedly pulling billions out of government bonds in advance of its planned diversification.

- Pension bankers: Newspapers are finally picking up the story of AusSuper playing investment bank. (But you heard it here first!)

- Hiring: The Australian Future Fund seems to like internal candidates: After CIO David Neal was moved to the CEO role, Raphael Arndt was moved to CIO spot.

- Direct I: Angola’s sovereign wealth fund will apparently be making direct private equity investments in sub-Saharan Africa. Good luck to them.

- Direct II: The Kuwait Investment Authority appears to be investing (also directly) in a Mumbai-based agrochemical firm.

- Direct III: Singapore’s GIC is doing more direct private equity deals.

Have a great weekend!

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