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InvestPitch: Ian Clark - NYSE:RIG

Deepwater oil drilling has been the darling of the drilling sector. As dayrates rose dramatically over the past few years, so too did interest in the sector. One of the largest companies to operate in the space was Transocean, a group that focused on the deepwater and ultra-deepwater sectors. Transocean was loved by many thanks to their industry leading dayrates. Investors will blinded by the potential returns and sky-high dividend despite a history of botched capital decisions and poor execution.


Ian Clark (Dichotomy Capital)
Recommendation: Short on Transocean RIG

Ticker: NYSE:RIG

About the Presenter:
Ian Clark is the Managing Director of Dichotomy Capital. He began his career in chemistry designing organometallic catalysts and novel synthetic routes. He received his M.S. in Chemistry from the University of Oregon. Click here to access the full bio.

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