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AllianceBernstein – Equities

About AllianceBernstein

AllianceBernstein is a research-driven investment firm that is global in scope and client-centered in its mission. Our client base spans the globe and includes many types of individuals and institutions, so we have developed a wide array of investment services and several service organizations to meet the distinct needs of each.

Featured Story

No ‘Lost Decade’ As U.S. Avoids Japan’s Mistakes

Joseph Gerard Paul, July 2012

The laborious pace of the US recovery has inevitably fostered comparisons with Japan. But a protracted slump like Japan’s is unlikely. read more


What Works in Tough Equity Markets?

A recent study, shows that in volatile markets, stocks performed relatively well if they had at least one of a set of characteristics.

How Many Years to a 20,000 Dow?

Investors who are avoiding stocks appear to be assuming the worst. Or, perhaps, they’ve just lost their stomach for market volatility.

Are Stocks Too Expensive Now?

Although US and global economies continue to be scarred by the credit crunch that began in 2008, stocks already discount the risks.

A Scheme for Softening the Impact of Down Markets

How you weight portfolio assets is critical to the impact of down markets on returns. There exists a security-weighting scheme that would have reduced drawdown risk.