London’s Dorchester hotel was the most popular hotel to stay while on the road according to senior level executives surveyed in Institutional Investor’s 2017 ranking of the World’s Best Hotels. The luxury hotel overlooks the east side of Hyde Park. 

Institutional Investor surveyed senior level executives from corporations and financial firms who frequently travel for business to compile the 2017 ranking of the World’s Best Hotels. Voters choose the best hotels by the city and region. 

Top hotels are chosen by city or region based on the number of mentions that they receive in the survey.

Hong Kong hotels were also popular among voters. The JW Marriott Hong Kong and the Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong tied as second-most popular worldwide. The JW Marriott borders the Hong Kong Park and is close to Victoria Harbour, while the Mandarin borders the Cenotaph and Statue Square in Hong Kong. 

Meanwhile, The Four Seasons chain earned the most top spots in the ranking. Fourteen Four Seasons hotels worldwide won the top spot in the ranking for their cities. This includes the Buenos Aires, Geneva, Boston and Shanghai locations of the hotels. 

Results are unweighted and top hotels must receive a minimum number of votes set by the II team before being bestowed the accolade of a top hotel.