Europe’s Best Analyst Days Honors 97 Companies

Analyst days have become increasingly important in Europe since the U.K.’s Financial Conduct Authority passed regulations in 2014 that prohibit the buy-side firms it oversees from using dealing commissions to finance corporate access services provided by brokerages. Although the effects of the new rules have yet to manifest in a clear pattern, Sue Scholes, chair of the U.K.’s Investor Relations Society, says they reinforce an existing trend of investor relations teams’ becoming more proactive. “Over time the best investor relations departments have been owning their targeting and engagement processes,” she notes.

To find out which European companies do the best job of hosting events that investment professionals consider useful, Institutional Investor asked buy- and sell-side participants in the 2016 All-Europe Executive Team survey — our exclusive annual ranking of the region’s best corporate leaders and investor outreach programs — to tell us which of the entities they cover host the most constructive analyst days. We received responses from 1,128 investment professionals at 386 financial services firms. Roughly 68 percent of the people who cast votes in the executive team survey, representing 68 percent of the participating institutions, answered our question about most constructive analyst days. Respondents from the buy side work at firms that collectively manage some $3.8 trillion in European equities.

Click on All Ranked Companies in the navigation table at right to view the winners in each of the survey’s 31 industry sectors that produce publishable results. A total of 97 companies earn an appearance on this roster, counting third-place ties in Chemicals, Leisure & Hotels, Technology/Hardware and Telecommunications Services. There is no third-place winner in Tobacco.

These businesses span 14 countries. The U.K. is home to the highest number of ranked names, with 25, followed by Germany, with 19, then France, with 13.

For information on how this ranking was compiled, click on Methodology.