As investor interest waxed and waned in Latin America, the region’s corporate access providers have had to stay one step ahead of the markets.

“After a period of strong search for access to markets in Latin America, especially Brazil, due to low interest rates and abundant liquidity in 2021, at the start of 2022 we saw a different scenario, with rising interest rates, a new Covid variant and the war in Ukraine. This partly scared off investor interest in Brazil,” said Juliana Dias, head of corporate access for BTG Pactual. “But the scenario rapidly changed, since the focus shifted much more to commodities, and due to the more attractive levels of the Brazilian market.”   

Due to the limitations imposed by the pandemic, Dias said BTG Pactual swiftly adapted its offering to the online world again. “We chose the best platforms and tools to offer the best experience in online events, ensuring that interactions continued to take place, and with no loss of content quality,” she said, reporting that in 2021 the firm had 40,000 interactions thanks to online events.

“These transformations enabled us to massively scale up the scope of our activities as we no longer had geographical barriers for companies, speakers, and investors, meaning we could boost attendance levels and offer each event [and] activity to all our global clients,” she added.

It seems BTG Pactual’s efforts have paid off...

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