Click here to watch 2014 video pitches! The following are videos from InvestPitch 2013.

On Tuesday, November 12, 2013, Institutional Investor and SumZero, the world’s largest online membership community of buy-side investment professionals, hosted an idea competition at Columbia University Business School’s Uris Hall Auditorium.

Nineteen emerging managers were selected from within the SumZero community on the basis of strong performance and high-quality peer reviews. Each manager gave a three minute pitch on their best idea of stocks to invest in to an audience of analysts and investors who rated their pitch for validity of the thesis, strength of the argument, feasibility of the trade and originality.

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Eric Almeraz
Firm: Apis Capital Advisors, LLC
Idea: Long on Cal Dive
         International Inc
Ticker: NYSE: DVR

David Atterbury
Firm: Whetsone Capital
Idea: Long on Gray Television Inc
Ticker: NYSE:GTN

Gary Brode
Firm: Silver Arrow Investment
         Management, LLC
Idea: Long on NCR Corp
Ticker: NYSE:NCR

Dan Carroll - Winner
Firm: Litmus Capital
Idea: Long on IDT Corp
Ticker: NYSE: IDT

Russell Fryer
Firm: Baobab Asset
         Management LLC
Idea: Long on African Minerals Ltd
Ticker: LSE:AMI LN

Greg Fujii - Finalist
Firm: Amelon Capital
         Management, LLC
Idea: Short on Neste Oil OYJ Ticker: Helsinki: NES1V

Jordon Giancoli
Firm: Kerrisdale Capital
         Management LLC
Idea: Long on Dongbu
         Insurance Co Ltd.

Ticker: KOSE:005830

Joshua Kennedy
Firm: Sonian Capital Management
Idea: Long on Ryohin
         Keikaku Co Ltd.
Ticker: 7453 JP

Judy Krandel
Firm: Juniper Investment Co.
Idea: Long on CafePress Inc.

Terry Lally
Firm: Spotlight Funds LLC
Idea: Short on HealthStream Inc.

Daniel Lawrence - Finalist
Firm: Elmrox Investment Group
Idea: Long on InterXion
         Holding NV

Ticker: NYSE: INXN

Scott Miller
Firm: Greenhaven Road Capital
Idea: Long on Zix Corp

Kyle Mowery
Firm: GrizzlyRock Capital
Idea: Long on Murphy USA, Inc.

Eileen Segall
Firm: Tildenrow Partners, LP
Idea: Long on ReachLocal Inc.

Cale Smith
Firm: Islamorada Investment
Idea: Long on First
         BanCorp/Puerto Rico

Ticker: NYSE:FBP


Joshua Thomas
Firm: Midsummer Capital, LLC
Idea: Short on Buffalo Wild 
         Wings Inc

Haruki Toyama
Firm: Marcus Asset Management
Idea: Long on TGS Nopec
         Geophysical Co ASA

Ticker: TGS NO

Mike Winston
Firm: Winston Capital Partners LP
Idea: Long on MGM Holdings Inc.
Ticker: MGMB - OTC Markets

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Steven Wood
Firm: GreenWood Investors LLC
Idea: Long on Contango Oil &
         Gas Co.



Click here to watch 2014 video pitches! The above are videos from InvestPitch 2013.