US Graduate Trainee Program

The Graduate Trainee Program aims to train bright and ambitious recent graduates on the various markets we serve while giving them real experience and skills within a specific area of our business. The six-month program is located in our New York office and provides hands-on work experience in coordination with both informal and structured classroom training. The program is committed to instructing and developing participants into thoughtful and well-prepared individuals in the professional world through a wide range of financial, business, publishing and journalism courses. We are currently accepting applications for the Class for 2017, with positions available in:

  1.  Marketing
  2.  Programming
  3.  Editorial
  4.  Research and Data Analysis 

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Please note that only applicants who have obtained a Bachelor’s degree by Dec 31st, 2016 will be considered for the program.

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"For someone coming out of college to have the ability to speak to important people in the industry and having a brand name to back it up is a great experience. People pick up the phone because of the II name. It's worthwhile to get a fresh start out of college with any major. The program's a great way to learn and get experience on the job and in a classroom setting while making connections."

- Georgie H., Editorial Research Graduate, Institutional Investor
Not only do we offer great hands-on experience for our editorial grads, the program also consists of training sessions that further their reporting skills. In short, if you're serious about journalism, the company will take you seriously in turn.

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"The job was—and continues to be—very multi-faceted, which is one of the reasons I like it so much. It is academic and intellectual, requiring a high level of analytical thinking and industry knowledge. It is also very client-focused which I enjoy. We are always on the phone and meeting new people as we gather market data and produce our conferences. The best part is traveling all over the country (and occasionally the world) to execute events. No day is ever the same!"

- Marsha L., Conference Programming Graduate, Institutional Investor Forums
Institutional Investor Conferences, as one of the most highly regarded conference organization in the financial industry, is a great place to learn the skills of event planning and conference production. Our graduates learn everything from planning the Conference program, to intangible skills such as client management.

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"The Graduate Training Program really allowed me to get into the different spheres within the company. I was able to test out different roles and gain exposure to a variety of businesses. This is a great opportunity for recent grads to improve on multiple skill areas and learn about where they want to direct their careers. II is great for building a different perspective and giving people the opportunity to do what they want with their careers." 
- Nila I, Project Management Graduate, Institutional Investor
Graduates in our Technology Division are constantly challenged to find the best digital solutions, manage projects, and understand high-level technology objectives across all Institutional Investor businesses. Our technology team is the perfect place to start a career in digital project management. 

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Sales and Marketing
"Through the Graduate Trainee Program, I received invaluable sales training both through on-the-job experiences as well as in a classroom setting. The strong brand name allows you to get a foot in the door with industry leaders in the finance sector, so you quickly learn to communicate with powerful contacts – setting you up for a successful career moving forward." 
- Gabby M, Sales Graduate, Institutional Investor Conferences
With so many brands under Euromoney Institutional Investor, our Sales and Marketing Graduate Trainees have every opportunity to get in touch with different products that cover across all sectors within the finance industry. Not only do we train our Graduates to generate useful leads, create marketing campaigns, but they get hands-on experience in sales calls with high-level executives, campaign creation, and audience interviews. With so many opportunities to expand in the marketing and sales departments it is a great fit for those with varied interests. 

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