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Ashby Monk, Ph.D., executive director of the Global Projects Center at Stanford University and a senior research associate at the University of Oxford, has been blogging about sovereign and pension funds since 2008. 

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Here now, the news:

- Italy is using its new "sovereign wealth fund" to thwart a foreign takeover of Ansaldo Energia.

- Norway’s Norges Bank Investment Management is looking for American real estate to buy.

- The Qatar Investment Authority is reportedly paring its holdings with the expectation that markets are topping out.

- Colm Lanigan moves to the Abu Dhabi Investment Authority to launch principal investments within the private equity department.

- Uche Orji – the head of Nigeria's new Sovereign Investment Authoritystarts work tomorrow.  Good luck to him.

- Public pension funding levels continue to worsen in the United States. Guess they better get some riskier assets... Right? Sigh.

- Yes, Blackstone, if your staff has a billion dollars to put in one of your funds, that's aligned. It’s utterly mind boggling... but aligned.