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Shin Kusunoki
Manager, Financial and Asset Management Solutions Division
Nomura Research Institute
Last year: 48

Following their customers and the allure of emerging economies, financial technology companies are swarming all over Asia. Tokyo-based Nomura Research Institute is already there. Headed by Shin Kusunoki, the financial and asset management segment of the $4 billion-in-revenue information technology systems and consulting firm in July acquired Anshin Software of Kolkata, now Nomura Research Institute Financial Technologies India. The company has also reorganized NRI Singapore as a hub for Asian expansion, dubbed NRI APAC. Kusunoki's portfolio includes I-Star for wholesale securities operations; a component, I-Star/LC, was recently installed at China's Bank of Communications. Besides a pickup in Indian and Chinese business, "we see strong demand from Korea for our order management system and plan to provide our services in Taiwan in the near future," says Kusunoki, 53. He notes that "while back-office functions are subject to local regulations, postexecution processing has become more standardized globally," which plays to NRI's cross-border strengths and its updates of I-Star "to meet the compliance requirements of the latest regulatory changes," freeing customers of that maintenance burden.