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Kim Fournais /
Lars Seier Christensen
Co-Chief Executive Officers
Saxo Bank
Last year: 41

Kim Fournais and Lars Seier Christensen founded their brokerage Midas in 1992 with the vision of bringing professional-level capabilities to individual traders. By 1997, two years after Fournais (now 46) designated Seier Christensen (49) as his co-CEO, they had made their mark with a pioneering online currency platform. They obtained a banking charter and renamed the firm Saxo Bank in 2001, then proceeded to create a vast menu of more than 20,000 tradable financial instruments and expand into real estate, investment and retail banking services. Today, Hellerup, Denmark–based Saxo, which has 27 billion Danish kroner ($4.5 billion) in assets, also has an institutional business, providing its technology to money managers and, on a white-label basis, to banks that market trading services under their own brand names. The trading platform is "the most comprehensive around," Fournais boasts. Lately, "we have added a lot of mobile products." Mobile devices accounted for 6 percent of trading volume in May, more than double December's 2.9 percent. The bank, which is 30 percent owned by Fort Worth, Texas–based TPG Capital, boosted operating income 6 percent in 2011, to Dkr3.5 billion.