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Bradley Peterson
Chief Information Officer
Charles Schwab Corp.
Last year: 44

During an eight-year break from Charles Schwab Corp., from 2000 to 2008, Bradley Peterson spent three years with Internet investment bank Epoch Partners and five years as chief information officer of eBay. The 53-year-old Schwab CIO looks at data storage innovations like Dropbox and Apple's iCloud as ways to "enable mobility and access to information," he says. "We're taking a piece of that. Long term, that's what we're building toward." Schwab has already attracted more than 500,000 retail customers to its iPad, iPhone and Android apps for mobile bill payment and direct deposit. On the iPad clients can execute trades in their brokerage accounts, view up to 24 months of transaction history, obtain quotes with charts and follow news related to their investments. "It all comes together to allow an individual to be mobile and have total access from whichever device," explains Peterson. Schwab has also launched three technology platforms for its nearly 7,000 advisers managing client assets. One is a turnkey solution; the others aim to integrate disparate systems and work flows. "Technology and marketing have been and continue to be two of our main levers," Peterson says.