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Mark Palmer
Chief Executive Officer
StreamBase Systems
Last year: 40

Founded in 2003, StreamBase Systems is a few years younger than complex-event-processing rival Progress Software Corp. (see John Bates, No. 39). They have more in common than their competitive space, including roots in academia (StreamBase founder Michael Stonebreaker, now a Massachusetts Institute of Technology adjunct computer science professor, drew from research at MIT, Brandeis University and Brown University) and Mark Palmer, who was a Progress executive before becoming Lexington, Massachusetts–based StreamBase's CEO in 2008. With CEP "emerging as one of the hottest technologies in the trading space" and "increasingly being adopted for a wide variety of use cases," according to a March report by research firm Celent, privately held StreamBase has won business from the likes of BM&FBovespa, CME Group and Thomson Reuters. In April it released LiveView 1.0, a high-octane analytics platform for fraud detection, network monitoring, trading risk management and other on-the-fly needs. Palmer, 46, describes it as "Twitter for enterprise data" because of its ability to keep up with vast flows of streaming data in real time. Under such fast-changing conditions, he says, "There is no point in assessing risk just once a day."

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Chief ExecutiveOfficer,
StreamBase Systems