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David Gershon
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Last year: 34

Derivatives trading, David Gershon's area of expertise, can be complicated. But Gershon's mission for London- and New York–based SuperDerivatives, which he founded in 2000, is simple: to bring price transparency to options. The former head of foreign exchange exotic options at Barclays Capital initially introduced a web-based benchmarking model for forex options, then progressively added other asset classes. The 47-year-old emphasizes invention and "not doing what everybody else does." Says Gershon, "We started with transparency in options pricing via algorithm, and here we are ten years later doing the transparency via actually traded prices." The banks, hedge funds and corporations using Super­Derivatives' flagship multiasset, front-office product, SDX, have seen it enhanced with "free text," or plain-language querying, along with speech recognition and automatic historical simulations. In April, Super­Derivatives hired Morgan Stanley structured investments specialist Raphael Juston as global head of commodities, underscoring Gershon's desire to be at the leading edge of commodities and energy. "The nice thing about the strategy of the company is that every product helps all the others," he says.