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Steven Scopellite
Chief Information Officer
Goldman Sachs Group

From mainframe to distributed to cloud computing, Steven Scopellite has seen it all since 1986, when he was the first computer science major recruited directly from campus (Brooklyn College) by Goldman Sachs. Today the 47-year-old oversees the bank's biggest division, consisting of 8,000 people, a quarter of Goldman's total. He notes that "we have a great deal of scale," enabling connectivity to more than 300 exchanges, crossing networks and other trading venues, all of which require flexibility to deal with different rules and regulatory regimes. "For Goldman technology isn't just about automation and efficiency. We see it as a business enabler, an accelerator, a control point — a source of competitive advantage," says Scopellite, who started out as a software engineer, then moved to London in 1993 to lead technology support for Goldman's Asian and European expansion. Back in New York in 1996, he worked on early-generation nonequity e-trading platforms, then turned his attention to equities and the integration of 2001 acquisitions Hull Group and Spear, Leeds & Kellogg. Scopellite was named co-COO of the technology division in 2004, co-CIO in 2007 and CIO and head of technology in 2011. Hoping to hasten the demise of unwieldy, redundant data centers, he has Goldman collaborating with leading tech companies in OpenStack, whose goal is to develop a "massively scalable" cloud operating system.