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Lance Uggla
Chief Executive Officer
Markit Group
Last year: 5

Pondering the daily drumbeat of financial and economic news fraught with risk and uncertainty, Lance Uggla, Markit Group's London-based CEO and founder, says, "We have to focus on our knitting and stay close to home." Uggla underscores "focus." The privately held, 2,600-employee company is growing annual revenue by 15 to 20 percent — organically, that is, not including acquisitions. Total revenue should hit $1 billion next year, when, Uggla notes, Markit will mark the tenth anniversary of its spin-off from Toronto's TD Bank Group. Uggla's ambition for Markit to be "the best of the largest financial information and services companies" is a constant. That implies steady acceleration of its indexing, market data and trade-processing businesses, combined with "smart acquisitions that, once integrated, further fuel organic growth." An acquisition in June, data management systems company Cadis, joined an enterprise solutions portfolio that includes Markit Analytics and Markit on Demand. The latter, rooted in Markit's 2010 purchase of Wall Street on Demand, is host and designer of many online retail brokerage sites. Uggla, 50, sees the unit's technology as akin to that of Google or Yahoo Finance and potentially disruptive to Bloomberg and other incumbents — and the strategy for that is "a work in progress."