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  • 18/08/2017 20:27:00

    How Firms Fight Back Against Activists

    Companies targeted by activist hedge funds are more likely to hide bad news and use earnings management techniques to make their quarterly numbers look better, according to new research.

  • 17/08/2017 20:55:00

    Ackman Says Changing ADP Will Likely Require a New CEO

    The CEO of activist hedge fund firm Pershing Square said in a three-hour presentation that ADP’s stock can double with a transformation of the “lethargic and inefficient sleeping giant.”

  • 16/08/2017 22:59:00

    Private Equity Asset Prices Soar as Number of Deals Falls

    A new report from Murray Devine finds that deal valuation and deal volume are diverging, signaling that the private-equity market cycle may be coming to an end.


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  • 19/07/2017 05:00:00

    Master of the Universe, Twice

    J. Tomilson Hill was a Wall Street M&A kingpin, featured in Barbarians at the Gate and rumored to be an inspiration for Tom Wolfe’s Bonfire of the Vanities. Then, in a career 180, he joined Blackstone and became the world’s largest allocator to hedge funds. In War Stories Over Board Games, however, he details how these two seemingly diametrically opposed roles have much in common. Plus: The only mistake he ever made twice.

  • 12/07/2017 01:00:00

    Trump’s Banker Talks

    Ken Moelis was a banker for Donald Trump “during the Taj Mahal troubles,” he says. When negotiating the banker’s fee, the two were $1 million apart. Trump’s solution: flip a coin for it. Find out who emerged victorious in this week’s edition of War Stories Over Board Games.

  • 05/07/2017 05:00:00

    Over Uno, Citadel’s Griffin Reveals His Mistakes of 2008

    Ken Griffin, who started hedge fund firm Citadel when he was 22, discusses how he felt in 2008 when everything he had built was at risk. Although CNBC had parked a van outside his Chicago headquarters to get a scoop on the firm’s possible demise, Griffin didn’t notice: He was too busy strategizing how to simply keep his firm afloat.