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Wood Mackenzie Podcast Series

In this series of podcasts, Institutional Investor talks to experts at Wood Mackenzie, a world-class research and consulting company providing a uniquely integrated view of the energy and commodity markets.
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Clare Eilbeck

The Aluminium Industry

In this fourth installment of our series of market analysis reports hosted by energy and metals & mining research & consulting company, Wood Mackenzie, we are assessing investment opportunities in the base metals market.

CA Cheuvreux Podcast Series

In this series of podcasts, Institutional Investor talks to experts at CA Cheuvreux, a leading European full-service broker within the Crèdit Agricole group. CA Cheuvreux is continuously growing by expanding its geographical coverage and investing in technological development to offer its clients extensive, high value-added services in Equity Research, Sales and Execution.
Latest Episode
Ian Peacock

Brokerage Execution Services

In the final installment of four podcasts, Institutional Investor talks to Ian Peacock, Global Head of Execution Services at CA Cheuvreux, about broker platforms in today’s demanding environment, with order flows that require everything from proprietary research to providing net liquidity.

URALSIB Capital Podcast Series

In this series of podcasts, Institutional Investor talks to experts at URALSIB Capital, a full-service investment bank and brokerage firm in Russia, about the Russian economy.
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Alexey Devyatov

Russia's Changing Economic Landscape

In the final of four URALSIB Capital podcasts, Institutional Investor talks to URALSIB Capital's Alexey Devyatov, Chief Economist, about Russia's mixed economic outlook since the mid-2010 slowdown, including inflation and oil volatility, the growing strength of the domestic consumption, and the need for easier credit and increased public spending.

Institutional Investor’s Executive Team Surveys

Institutional Investor's Executive Team surveys ask the buy side and sell side to name the best in Investor Relations, as well as the most impressive CEOs, CFOs and IR Professionals, in their respective sectors. Rankings are conducted separately for companies headquartered in the U.S., Europe, Latin America and Asia. These podcasts discuss the overall results of the Executive Team rankings, indicating the attributes necessary to be successful in investor relations today.
Latest Episode

The 2013 All-America Executive Team

Over 1,500 money managers and investment professionals and almost 1,260 sell-side analysts ranked America’s best CEOs. CFOs IR Professionals and Investor Relations programs. Find out who ranked on top in the 2013 All-America Executive Team: America’s Best in Investor Relations, Best CEOs, CFOs and IR Professionals.