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Institutional Investor's Alpha

Institutional Investor's Alpha, a thought leader for the hedge fund industry, delivers the most insightful, entertaining and authoritative published content online about the fast-paced and rapidly evolving world of hedge funds.

Institutional Investor's Alpha is a must-read for anyone hoping to keep ahead of the curve, bringing transparency and accountability to a secretive industry that is playing a growing role in the financial markets. Institutional Investor's Alpha concentrates on the global hedge fund industry, including coverage not only of the hedge fund firms and managers themselves, but also of the investors who back them and the prime brokers, administrators, auditors and law firms that service them.

Our coverage includes profiles of iconic hedge fund managers, interviews with institutional investors and the influential consultants who shape their decisions, in-depth analysis of trends shaping the industry, a daily hedge fund blog covering the latest hedge fund news, and benchmark rankings and surveys.

Research & Rankings

Throughout the year, Institutional Investor's Alpha delivers a suite of proprietary research and rankings that serve as respected industry benchmarks. This includes the Rich List, our widely followed annual ranking of the top-earning hedge fund managers, as well as the Hedge Fund 100 ranking of the world's 100 biggest hedge fund firms, top sell-side analysts as chosen by hedge fund managers, hedge fund employee compensation, and more.

Our rankings include:

  • The Rich List
  • Hedge Fund Compensation Report
  • Hedge Fund Report Card
  • Best Analysts (U.S., Europe, Asia)
  • The Hedge Fund 100
  • Europe Hedge Fund 50
  • Asia Hedge Fund 25
  • Fund of Funds 50
  • Hedge Fund Service Providers

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