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Institutional Investor Research is the premier resource for information on research, sales, trading, investor relations and hedge funds in every market. Our research provides in-depth analysis on your firm and your competition. Our research is the key to your success.

For more than 40 years, Institutional Investor has been the pre-eminent source of survey-based rankings that identify top analysts covering equity markets in Asia, Europe, Japan, Latin America, Russia and the U.S. For over ten years, the Institutional Investor Research Group has provided unrivalled, independent, analysis through detailed reports of Institutional Investor magazine’s published rankings.

Our annual studies of global equities and fixed-income markets provide unparalleled access to leading investment professionals across the world. Institutional Investor’s established brand and guaranteed voter anonymity earns the participation of the world’s largest equity investors. In fact, more than 8,700 individuals at nearly 3,000 firms, representing more than $20 trillion in assets under management, vote in Institutional Investor’s analyst surveys.

Our team is comprised of experienced individuals possessing a wealth of knowledge, with offices in New York, London, Hong Kong and Tokyo.

For additional information, contact:

Will Rowlands-Rees
Managing Director
Telephone: +1 (212) 224-3147