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Institutional Investor Journals offer in-depth, original, and practical research in investment management and finance. Written and edited by world-renowned practitioners and academics, the Journals are extensively read and highly regarded in the industry.

The Journal of Portfolio Management (JPM) is the definitive source of thought-provoking analysis and practical techniques in institutional investing. It offers cutting-edge research on asset allocation, performance measurement, market trends, risk management, portfolio optimization, and more. Founded by Peter Bernstein in 1974, JPM features articles by the most renowned researchers and practitioners—including Nobel laureates—whose works define modern portfolio theory. Website –

The Journal of Index Investing (JII) brings you the latest innovations in Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), Exchange Traded Products (ETPs), and Indexes, offering practical, rigorous research and analyses of products, sector allocation and investment strategies. Website –

The Journal of Alternative Investments (JAI) provides you with cutting-edge research and expert analysis on managing investments in hedge funds, private equity, distressed debt, commodities and futures, energy, funds of funds, and other nontraditional assets. JAI is the official publication of the Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst Association (CAIA®). Website –

The Journal of Derivatives (JOD) is the leading analytical journal on derivatives, providing detailed analyses of theoretical models and how they are used in practice. JOD gives you results-oriented analysis and provides full treatment of mathematical and statistical information on derivatives products and techniques. Website –

The Journal of Fixed Income (JFI) provides sophisticated analytical research and case studies on bond instruments of all types – investment grade, high-yield, municipals, ABSs and MBSs, and structured products like CDOs and credit derivatives. Industry experts offer detailed models and analysis on fixed income structuring, performance tracking, and risk management. Website –

The Journal of Investing (JOI) offers practical analyses and leading-edge investment strategies used by practitioners today. Its articles offer implementable models and critical insights – all written by industry experts and finance academics – on a range of current topics including portfolio strategy, mutual funds, ETFs, asset allocation, and performance measurement. Website –

The Journal of Private Equity (JPE) gives you in-depth analysis of today's most innovative strategies and techniques in private equity and venture capital. It shows you the what, how and why of successful deals with detailed explanations, probing analysis, and real-life case studies—and shows you how to immediately apply them to your own deals. Website –

The Journal of Structured Finance (JSF) is the only international, peer-reviewed journal devoted to empirical analysis and practical guidance on structured finance instruments, techniques, and strategies. JSF offers insightful, comprehensive research and commentary on all aspects of structured finance. JSF provides detailed analysis on structuring and investing in products such as ABSs, CDOs, CLOs, and MBSs. Website –

The Journal of Wealth Management (JWM) is the only peer-reviewed journal devoted exclusively to original research and practical guidance for high-net-worth investors and family offices. JWM addresses the investment concerns of wealthy families and keeps you abreast of the latest investment strategies in private asset management.
Website –

The Journal of Trading (JOT) gives you in-depth analysis of new tools and strategies in institutional trading and shows you how to use them in a practical way. JOT aims to provide critical intelligence on algorithmic trading, execution options, liquidity issues, trading platforms, and analytical models. Website –

The Journal of Retirement (JOR) is the first scholarly thought-leading practitioner journal presenting retirement research by and for financial advisors, retirement savings plan sponsors, consultants, policy experts, and those structuring retirement products. It focuses on issues surrounding retirement savings plans such as defined contribution and individual retirement accounts, retirement planning, and decumulation. Website –