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Oregon State Funds Seek to Beef Up Staff

Oregon State Funds Seek to Beef Up Staff

The treasury is requesting a nearly $10 billion budget increase in order to hire more investment and support staff for its $94 billion portfolio.

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    Investors aren’t a homogeneous group—they represent a diverse array of institutions, cultures, goals, and degrees of risk tolerance. Along with today’s constant market shifts, driven by myriad forces, this creates a challenging atmosphere for asset managers.

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    While the US is locked in the throes of Trumper tantrums and investigations, political risk is easing in Europe. Emmanuel Macron’s victory in the French presidential election has stemmed the wave of populism for the moment. With a lurch to Le Pen avoided, the region’s improving growth dynamics beg the question: Should you ride the wave with an active manager, or back the beta with an ETF?

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