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Would You Invest with Steven Cohen

Would You Invest with Steven Cohen?

Owing to his former firm’s regulatory troubles, the legendary founder of now-defunct SAC Capital Advisors may have to rely on a network of rich hedge fund managers and friends, as well as his own money, when he launches his new hedge fund next year.

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    Investors Are Putting Money in Hedge Funds Again

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    The Incredible Shrinking Hedge Fund Industry

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    Renaissance Technologies Stumbles in June

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    Over Uno, Citadel’s Griffin Reveals His Mistakes of 2008

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    Quants Rule Alpha’s Hedge Fund 100 List

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    Quant in a Very Old Box

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    Assets Tumble at Meister’s Corvex and McGuire’s Marcato 

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    Even the Most Skilled Hedge Funds are Bad at Predicting Crises

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    What Pirates Can Teach Us About Hedge Funds

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    The 2017 Hedge Fund Rising Stars: Shining Brightly in Tough Times

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    Quant Hedge Funds Stake Their Claims

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