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Europe Inflation and Quantitative Easing

Europe, Inflation and Quantitative Easing

The euro zone will likely avoid deflation like that in Japan. But the area’s economy will probably have to get worse before the ECB turns to QE.

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  • InvestPitch: Mike Winston - NASDAQ:STRZA

    Buy STRZA because the company has hired bankers to shop the company, it’s a John Malone pay TV network – one of a handful of independently traded cable channels ripe for consolidation on the heels of the CMCSA/TWC and DTV/T mergers. The risk reward stands at close to 3:1 (38% up, 13% down) by our conservative estimates.

  • InvestPitch: Ian Clark - NYSE:RIG

    Deepwater oil drilling has been the darling of the drilling sector. As dayrates rose dramatically over the past few years, so too did interest in the sector. One of the largest companies to operate in the space was Transocean, a group that focused on the deepwater and ultra-deepwater sectors. Transocean was loved by many thanks to their industry leading dayrates. Investors will blinded by the potential returns and sky-high dividend despite a history of botched capital decisions and poor execution.

  • InvestPitch: Sam Hendel - NYSE:NCT

    Newcastle trades at a significant discount to the sum of its parts. We believe that the upcoming spinoff of Newcastle’s private-pay senior living portfolio into New Senior (to be listed November 2014; NYSE:SNR) will unlock the embedded value and tremendous growth opportunities in its strategy to roll up the fragmented senior living industry.

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