Experienced Chinese equity investors like Victoria Mio know that the country’s market is driven by government policies. That is why the Hong Kong–based fund manager makes two pilgrimages a year to Beijing to better understand what’s on the minds of senior ­policymakers.

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After meeting with regulators in April, Mio — who manages the $693 million Robeco ­Chinese Equities fund — concluded that China will continue to enjoy strong real gross domestic product growth and rising incomes, despite being challenged by inflation. “The ­Chinese authorities remain confident about both the current strength of the economy and the outlook for 2011,” says Mio. “Their policy stance stays broadly stable but with a continued tightening bias.”

That relative stability is drawing institutional investors from around the world at a time when many markets are wildly erratic. However, few money managers are able to travel to Beijing each year to meet with the country’s political elite. Instead, they rely on published research from skilled analysts, and the firm whose analysts do the best job of covering Chinese equities is BofA Merrill Lynch Global Research, according to participants in ­Institutional Investor’s second annual All-­China Research Team survey. BofA leaps from fourth place after picking up four positions, for a total of 12, and tripling its number of analysts considered the best in their respective sectors, to three.