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The large-trader tagging and consolidated audit-trail proposals are likely to be approved by the commission over the coming months. Although it’s wishful thinking to expect the SEC to ever be able to match the technological sophistication of high frequency traders, the new rules should eventually give the regulator the necessary tools to monitor and police their activity. I’m sure that is going to make some high frequency traders very nervous, but they shouldn’t be. Unlike some of the more vocal critics of high frequency trading, SEC chairman Schapiro knows that the technological clock cannot be turned back.

“While technology has provided benefits to the market, it has also created real issues,” she told me in early May. “We want to be very careful and thoughtful about how we approach it. The idea that you can say, ‘Let’s just unplug everything’ or ‘Let’s put something into the machines that makes everything go slower’ is probably not realistic.”

In other words, in the battle of man versus machine, both sides could end up winning.

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